Kevin what's wrong?



Here's who I am:

You can be with me // if you want to be

(I'm headed Nova Scotia
My own true love for to see)

The people I could not live without
The things I could not live without

(There's strange weather in the back of the room
And she's pretty, Jesse's spinning the tunes
Eyelashes, and some white leather boots
God, what have I been drinking?)


The friends list says:
time and space is getting in the way of our epic romance heartequals
You are horribly wrong in the mink tank, you know that? thegreatesthits
if you cut me i am telling all of chicago that you're totally gay now! bye! violentfires
and you're clearly going to fail miserably at life, just like me. x ___vice_
you've got a degree i just make pictures shut up provetheworst
I've been making Punk Rock Sexy Times with you in mind the_wild_son
"OMG MUST ADD...oh wait, too late." heythatscool
And if anyone doubts your biscuit pricing abilities I will happily vouch for them seventh_angel

Stylesheet by refuted
(cool hand) luke's smile, 50s science fiction, adorable small german drivers, back streets of london, believe it he said, believing anything i read, boys in boys' jeans, brian fallon's smile, carl calling himself rubbish, cloth/leather-bound books, crying into cumbersome hands, dancing unselfconciously, defending menswe@r to-the-death, dustin in a hat, fake-rl-otps/rl-rl-otps/original-rl-otps, flirting accidentally, fookin' empire!, gininteacups at the tem, grass verges, johnny's transformation into jesus, kaiser-chiefs-say-stop-stansted-expansion, kimi/bill crack otp, knowing how to queue, liking oasis whatever happens, liszt played by pennington, magic hour sailor songs, mark kermode shouting, martha/rickyfitty otp, mcfly/v otp, mcr fanboys, music makes me smile, my rafa, nick heidfeld's facial hair, nick heidfeld: "notorious hard-man", nottingham city cemetary, original band line ups, oxford university press hardbacks, pdcarl, personalised maps, perving on local bands, petrichor, rich terfry and-everything-about-him-oh-my, savvygambols, second hand bookshops, short short dresses, simon mayo's snark, smiling at strange boys, squirrels in the studio, steve bays the-recording-studio-dictator, steve bays' face, steve bays' lyrics, steve bays' voice, steve bays+wheatgrass shots, steve fucking bays ok., steve/billy comic strips, stripe fetishes, the adventures of ryan+jesse, the59sound is my boysandgirlsinamerica, unholy ryan!, victor ambrus, village post offices, we're bringing cobra back, white denim jackets, wight weah tywes, work crushes